Bolton escorts shine through in this historic town


Bolton has a colourful past and history being synonymous for the production and spinning of textiles dating back to the fourteenth century when there was an influx of Flemish weavers to the town. It was also a hot bed of activity during the English Civil war being the site of a major battle and many more skirmishes. However, the town came to prominence as it was at the heart of the textile industry during the industrial revolution as it already had a history of weaving as well as an abundance of available coal to power the mills and engineering factories supporting the cotton mills. Despite its illustrious history and buildings of unique heritage such as the Tudor Smithhills Hall which is now a museum, the town is now famed for its leisure and tourist industry and the infamously affable escorts in Bolton play a leading role. Bolton as well as supporting a few of the traditional industries such as still having paper mills it has given way to be a service led economy with hi tech electronics, call centres and information technology being prominent as well as playing host to Reebokā€™s European headquarters as well as having a leading University that now sponsors the Bolton Wanderers football stadium. There is plenty for the Bolton escorts to do and our Bolton escort agency takes many advance bookings with our more popular ladies being snapped up will in advance. Having said that any of our escorts you book even if they are not your first choice are absolutely amazing in every way giving the ultimate in escort services.

Bolton escorts help give the town it modern appeal

Together with the University the escorts in Bolton seem to bring this traditional town up to date welcoming all types of visitors whether it being tourists enjoying the wide open spaces on the edge of the town noted for its country parks and long leisurely walks in the Pennine foothills. Even these tourists along with the many guys in the town on business or to attend a football match enjoying the nightlife. This is where the fantastic Bolton escorts come into their own as they can be the life and soul of any party as well as being able to give more sedate relaxing companionship.

Chill out with escorts in Bolton

After a hard day at work, on business or even trekking on the fells or exploring the country parks such as Rivington you may not be up to going out but want to relax with some sensual female company. These exquisite ladies will give you all the attention you could possibly need or want as well as maximum satisfaction. We know all our ladies are intelligent articulate companions who can keep you engaged and entertained for hours. They are amative and love to shower their guests with as much affection as they can handle. There gorgeous young ladies are in the business of giving pleasure and contentment.

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